Introduction! 実習生が来ています。




「川口から八対野を通って、保育園の所に出てきたわ」 ですって!!





Hello, my name is Alex, short for Alexandra. I am 25 years old, in my last year of University and I come from Germany. The subject I’m studying is Culture and Communication.

Being here, I get the opportunity to experience the Japanese way of life and the wonderful Wild Art YESE! family. I am staying with them for the months of June and July to prepare the art exhibition that will be taking place at the end of my stay.

But the exhibition is only a small part of what is happening in the open space of the dance studio. Some people bring their kids to learn English in a playful way or for session , which is essentially playing and moving around in the open space of the studio and, through that, getting to know your own body and mind. There are props as well: rattles to shake and ladders to stand on, drums to beat, music to manically jump or softly sway to, wherever the mood leads you… or you can lie down on the smooth wooden floor and lose yourself in the timberwork of the roof. In a way, this feels like therapy to me, because I can say, eat and wear anything I want. I feel welcome here.



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